Dogness Smart Camera Feeder
Dogness Smart Camera Feeder - Sniffy Pet
Dogness Smart Camera Feeder
Dogness Smart Camera Feeder
Dogness Smart Camera Feeder
Dogness Smart Camera Feeder
Dogness Smart Camera Feeder
Dogness Smart Camera Feeder - Sniffy Pet

Dogness Smart Camera Feeder

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Dogness Smart Camera FeederFeed your furry friend even when you are not home with the DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Dog & Cat Smart Feeder with HD Camera. Download the free app to feed your paw-tner on demand by phone or set a schedule. This feeder serves accurate portions and has a patented jam-free dispensing mechanism. It also features a voice record/play for the programmed meal time to ease your pet. DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Dog & Cat Smart has a 165-degree HD camera with night vision to keep an eye on your companion day or night. With multiple colors to choose from, pick the one that matches your décor and the personality of your little one.


  • Large capacity hopper 6.5 dry food, Humanized design, simple Setting
  • Voice record/play at the programmed meal time, accurate portion control, two power supply: battery (no battery installed) and power adaptor
  • Ip camera. Feeding via free app, our customer service phone number is 833-364-6377, please give us call if any issues.
  • Dimension: L 16.5 * W 8.66 * H 16.14 inch (assembled), weight: 3kg (6.6 pounds) (without batteries), power: power adapter 5V DC 1A with 3 meter (9 feet) long power cord
  • It is pet owner's responsibility to make sure feeder has enough food to feed pets, important - your home Wi-Fi network needs to be a 2.4Ghz frequency in order for the pet feeder to work.


  • Dimensions: L 42 * W 20* H 41 cm (assembled)
  • Capacity: 6 liters ( around 6.5 lbs dry food, and dry food only)
  • Weight: 3Kg ( 6.6 pounds) ( Without batteries & Food)
  • Power Requirments: 3 D size batteries, power adapter 5V DC 1A with 3 meters (9 feet) long power cord

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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Great product

I was hesitant to buy it because it's so expensive. Now that it's here, I don't regret a thing... I love it! It's great to be able to see and interact with your pet while away from home. My one, minor gripe is that the colour of the product in real life is nothing like the picture (I got the orange/blue one). It's a lot more garish than I expected. That said, it works like a dream. The cat likes it fine. I also had a great experience with the seller, and want to thank them for going the extra mile :-) !

Edit: It says I got the "Tiffany Blue" model, but I didn't. I got the orange/blue one. Adding pictures to show the colour disparity. Still happy with the product, though!

Ana Medina
good product

It took a little longer to arrive but it arrived in good condition. THE GOOD: I think it's a good article, the camera has a very good resolution, even at night, it also has a wide angle, you can take video and photos, the app is very intuitive and complete, at the beginning, linking with the feeder is very simple. and fast the process, you can even link more than one feeder or some other article of the brand; It is good that it has two sizes to give the food rations, from the app you can design the meal plan of up to 20 servings per meal. You can talk to your pet and record messages; It has a long cable that is easily replaceable in case something should happen and it also has a battery compartment. THE NOT SO GOOD: I use it for my cats and I feel that the plate is too big for them, they chase the croquettes already at the end. I think the microphone to hear the pet can be improved. The screws to change the device that generates the food rations are tiny, you must have small screwdrivers to be able to remove them. The camera is good but you cannot see if your pet has already eaten all the food, is missing a sensor or adjusting the camera angle to see if there is still food on the plate. The product is really good, I like being able to see my cats when I go out and the app helps to keep track of the food and follow-up, you can even upload your pet's profile. With improvements but good product.

Antonio Arriero
what I expected

I have about 2 or 3 months using it with batteries when there is no light and connected to electricity.Pros: your dog will always have food and it is more useful when they are still puppies and need to feed more times a day, the camera does not have an excellent resolution but it is good enough to monitor your dog, it even takes video and the audio is very good, even In the dark you can see what the dog does, it notifies you when there is insufficient food or when the food gets stuck that it doesn't really attack 100 of the time my dog __has not eaten yet and the food is piling up and the food can no longer come out , the portions are configurable.


Many problemsIt works so far, it's only been 3 days though. Setting it up was incredibly laborious, I had to use a second phone. Also, the camera doesn't work if you're not on the same wifi network as the feeder, which kind of defeats the purpose. I went to return it and return shipping was 74! I wrote them, and nothing.

You can't do without it anymore

It is already the second kibble dispenser for cats that I take. I wouldn't be able to do without it anymore because it really helps. You do not need to remember the various meals, you can divide them as you want at the time you want and personalize them with your voice. If you are away from home for many hours, it is an indispensable item. This one in particular is very sturdy, it connects easily to your mobile phone, has the video camera that shoots even at night and I found a really commendable assistance to the software, the company replied promptly. It costs a little more than the others, but it is worth all the money spent.

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Why You Need A Feeder?

At Sniffy Pet, we believe feeding habits and water intake are an indicator of overall wellness. Our intuitive solutions ensure your pet is fed proportioned meals at the same time every day.